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Bakery products in Kamloops

Market Fresh Foods is a full-service grocery store that offers a variety of fresh produce and meats. We proudly offer two on-site butchers, a deli and a bakery. Shop your local grocer today and visit us on Dallas Drive!

On-site bakery

Some say the smell of freshly baked bread makes us kinder to strangers. Whether or not that's true, the sweet scent is certainly a perk. Our bakery is always full of fresh bread made in our on-site bakery and from local bread makers like Craig's Bakery. 

Fresh selection of fruits and vegetables

Buy local, and your money stays local. We offer a fine selection of produce grown right here in our community and it's always fresh and full of flavor. It's said that the fewer steps you take between you and your food source, the less likely it is to be contaminated and the better it is in flavor. With us, you can always enjoy a fresh selection of fruits and vegetables and other products made locally.

Some of our vendors

  • Turtle Mountain Coffee
  • J.O Stan Apiary – Honey
  • DeSimone Farms
  • Fresh is Best
  • Blackwell Dairy Farm
  • Shuswap Infusions Teas
  • The Italian kitchen Sauce Company
  • Monahan Agencies
  • Ross Chocolates
  • Chelsea's Bakery
  • Pizza Pi
  • Eric's Sausage
  • Craig's Bakery
Shop your local grocery today!
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