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Your neighbourhood grocery store.

Fresh, locally-sourced foods have been our way since we opened our doors to the Kamloops community in 2012. We're located in the heart of the Dallas neighbourhood and are proud to be a source for fine foods, community value and enterprise. We offer a tasty selection of locally-produced meats, fresh fruits and vegetables. We also have specialty bread and baked goods provided by local bakeries. We're always featuring daily specials and coupons, so visit us to see what's in store at your local grocer today!
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We're local!

Taste real flavors and keep your dollars local. When you shop with us, you're doing more than just buying groceries and putting a check mark next to an item on your to-do list. You're taking part in community-supported agriculture and supporting local farmers. That's very important to us, and it continues to be our number one goal to serve our community first. 
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A community staple

We're locally owned, and we're very proud of that. We've been serving the local community since 2012. Not only do we offer fresh produce and meats, we also partner with local vendors to bring their products to you. Typically, you can find freshly baked bread and goods from local bakeries like Craig's Bakery stocked on our shelves as well as items from our on-site bakery. 
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What's in store

Every week, we receive fresh produce and meats from local farmers. What's in stock in our produce section depends on the season, but we always make sure to provide a variety of colorful fruits and veggies. We always double check to ensure our inventory is ripe and meets our rigorous standards for quality and condition. 
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